Blackjack rules

The one golden rule when learning how to play blackjack is not to bust, which is going over 21. While others may be at the same blackjack table you are playing at they do not matter, as the name of the game is to beat the dealer. You are battling out facing the dealer and whoever has the best hand, again not going over 21, wins the hand.

Here is a very basic blackjack guide

  1. Every player will be given two cards by the dealer
  2. Figure out your bet amount, place it, and hit the deal button
  3. Take action! When it is your play you can choose to hit, stand, split, or double-down.

We mentioned those four options just above and let’s explain them in more detail:

  • Hit – To hit means you want another card to be given to you to add to the card total of your initial two cards trying to get as close to 21 as you can.
  • Stand – To Stand means that after your initial two cards you want to play that total and not receive additional card/cards.
  • Split – To split means two cards that are the same can be split, which turns your hand into two hands rather than one with two bets as well.
  • Double-Down – Double-Down means that you will double your bet on the table and then you receive only one more card.

Blackjack rules made easy

When you win at blackjack you are paid even money, the amount of your bet, but if you get a blackjack the payout is better at 3:2. The even money win is the most common, as that is when your hand beats the dealer’s hand or if they happen to bust and go over 21. On the other side of the coin if you bust or the dealer beats your number you lose. If blackjack is dealt to you as well as the dealer there is no action with the wager being a tie and your bet stays on the table. A blackjack rules chart can be of great help to you and this is even more so when you play the game online.

Knowing the card values is vital when playing the game, it’s an integral part of standard blackjack rules. The cards with the numbers being 2 through 10 have their face value. The three face cards of the Jack, Queen, and King have a card value of 10. The Ace is a little different, as it can be two values in 1 and 11. You want to see Aces being dealt to you, as that card is needed in order to make a blackjack, which is an Ace and a face card. If you want an inside tip one is that receiving two 8’s or Aces should always be split.

Not only do you have rules for blackjack, but the dealer in the game does as well. They are in charge of the cards being shuffled and more than one deck of cards has to be in place when a blackjack table has more than two people in the game. The cards are face down when dealt to players and the player that is directly to the left of the dealer will be the player that is dealt first. The last player to make an act is the dealer and one rule they have to follow is that if their two cards are either the value of 16 or less they have to take another card. Playing for free not only allows you more time to really know the rules of game, but free of charge you can come up with, as well as practice, new blackjack strategies.

The name of the game is to win

Breaking it down to basics you win playing blackjack if you have blackjack and the dealer does not, the value in your hand is higher than the dealers, or if the dealer’s hand goes over 21 meaning they busted. If you play blackjack online you cannot count cards with the virtual deck shuffled after each hand. There are two keys to winning blackjack -being very familiar with the rules of the game and using a blackjack strategy that is solid. Just two of the many blackjack strategies out there are Ace sequencing and edge sorting.

With all the blackjack variations, it is advantageous to play them all to give them a try if you want to win money when playing the game online. In blackjack, the more you play the better it can be by knowing the table game inside-out and finding out what strategies are good ones for you.


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