Blackjack strategy

There is no lack of blackjack strategies to use to help you win at the game. One place to start is a basic blackjack strategy guide, which will help you out to make the right moves when playing the game.

When you play different versions of blackjack they have different numbers of decks used for many of them. Only 1 deck is in play for the classic and most popular version, but there are versions where up to 8 decks are in play. When you know the number of card decks used in the blackjack game you happen to be playing it makes it easier when it comes to the actions you make. If the version you are playing has more decks it goes without saying the amount of face card increases since there are more cards in play. This give you more chances to double-down. When you play the classic one-deck version of blackjack the strategy is made in a simpler manner and card counting is possible, but not playing online.

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In blackjack with only one deck used the odds narrow and the reason for this is the lesser amount of face cards. This is even the case more often in the game action of the double-down as well as the hand ending going over 21. Double-deck blackjack is just as the name implies with 2 decks used and for that version of the game you should know there are other strategies used in that gaming scenario. The more cards in the game the more double-down chances will occur and in a 2-deck version you have the ability to make that action on any hand, as the action does require a pair. Here you can check out a solid strategy guide for 2-deck blackjack.

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Odds are narrower in a blackjack game with 2 decks and they just keep increasing with the decks increasing. For example, if you want a good blackjack strategy for a 4-deck game look no further than right here.

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Right here you can see a 6-deck strategy guide:

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If you are at a table and playing in a game with 8 decks there is a varied type of game strategy. It is advantageous to use blackjack strategy charts and you can find many good ones out there to use. An example would be a dealer that has to stand on a hand when they are holding a soft 17.

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You can even see a blackjack chart that you do not need to carry, but can memorize.

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Check out this blackjack chart for hitting if the dealer must hit holding a soft 17.

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If you want to come up with a good strategy for blackjack then blackjack charts can be a great help. With the amount of blackjack charts out there to aid you in increasing your winning chances why not check them out?

How to count cards in blackjack

Blackjack card counting is rather easy to wrap your head around, but you should be aware that you have to have a good system for doing so. The main goal is to have the advantage sway towards you in being aware of the cards that have been dealt and the ones that have not been dealt out yet. When card counting the strategies used are no different than playing a typical game. You need to have a good blackjack strategy in place and that will come from the version you play in how many decks are being used.

Basically, for counting cards there are numbers plugged into sets of cards of 2-6, 7-9, and the cards in the deck with a 10 value. You can come up with a probability on the amount of cards, with the numbers assigned, are still left meaning not being dealt. Because of that probability you can come up with it can swing the odds to be more favorable to you. Like regular blackjack strategies there is also no lack of card counting strategies. If you do count cards you have to pick the right card-counting strategy in order to get the odds more in your corner with the ultimate goal being to win more, which makes your gambling experience enjoyable and exciting.


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